Team tank

TeamTank (TT-2000A)


The first model of the Team Tank (TT-190) was possibly engineered by the Philadelphia Battle Labs , designed as a training device for new tank drivers in the US Army. However, the TT project was temporalily cancelled, possibly due to technology restrictions, or maybe a higher bidder with a tougher project. The TT models were kept in the security facilities of PBL, until the project was resurrected and the TT-190 models were upgraded into TT-2000 (later they would turn into TT-2000A's). They are very fast, accomplishing speeds of up to 200 m/h in few seconds.


The Team Tank is usually recognised for its compact appearance, with big wheels and a small turret on the top of the vehicle. The cannon emerging from the turret may vary in size or shape (or sometimes there's simply no cannon but a launcher e.g. rocket launcher). Team Tanks are supposed to have an armor mde of durasteel (steel that has been reinforced with several layers of hard plastic and iron) which allows them to sustain far more damage than an average tank can, otherwise they wouldn't last long against Weapons of Massive Damage, nor resist the ferocious impacts they receive after falling of a tall emplacement or being blown off.

The Team Tanks can be divided into 2 groups: TT-190 and TT-2000 (from the latter appears the subcategory TT-2000A). TT-190 were designed first and are the oldest and less upgraded version of the whole family. The photo above right shows a model of TT-190 (although TT-2000's are similar, the first TT's are much bulkier and the marks on them are different). TT-2000 were created after the TT Project was resurrected by Philadelphia Battle Labs, to make a tougher, yet faster version of the TT-190's.

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